Xuelun Li

Dashilar Area Urban Renewal Plan

First Price of Meishi Street Renewal Competition

Dashilar area has long been a cultural melting pot, located right outside the south gate of historical Beijing city. It is the place where Peking Opera was born, where travelers, merchants, and artists used to live and mingle before entering the city. However, its rich historical heritage has been generally undervalued under current situation. Since urbanism development, Meishi street has been chaotic, over-crowded by bus stops and municipal facilities. In 2004, it undertook a widening construction which broke the original urban texture, leaving many irregular spaces.

Our proposal started from recognizing the situation for each of the spaces, and in turn categorized them into four types: Straight, Middle Pocket, Corner Pocket and Triangular Pocket. We proposed corresponding solution to each one of the space patterns. Each type is also related to a short segment of musical rhythm, linking the walking experience to the composition of music. We aimed to poetically reconstruct the walking experience on Meishi street.

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