Xuelun Li

Dimple Table

Clear Coated Steel, Natural Stone

A piece of stone is laying in the middle of the stream, creating a dimple: its weight fighting against the flow of water, while being pushed onto the river bed by this force — This is the imagery driving the making of Dimple Table. The table is an expression of the heaviness and solidity of stone, in contrast with the fluid form of the table top. Natural stones are found by myself locally in Providence, Rhode Island.

My eyes scan through the ground for a piece of stone of the right size. I nudge stones out of their spot, turn them over, wipe away dust to see their surface. I push those I can’t lift or that are not suitable back into their spot again, trying not to leave a trace. The dirt beneath them is still wet from yesterday’s rain. Moss covers their surface because of the humid seashore weather. I am immersed in the scent of rain and dirt and grass.

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