Xuelun Li

Lanyin Bamboo Workshop

Community Workshop Space Proposal

Located in the historical town of Lanxi, which has a bamboo crafting tradition, the program of the building aims to establish a platform to connect local craftsmen, residences, and visitors. The goal is to create a space for them to gather, make, showcase their work, and form a community.

The site of the project is enchanted with historical information and a sense of ordinary daily life. The existing level change and free building layout on site inspired the proposal, which in turn seeks to adept into the typology, and create a sequence of transitional spaces, corridors, and courtyards. Nature is invited in to the interior, while light condition changes with time and season, creating a multi-sensory spacial experience. The proposal intended for a modest space for bamboo crafting, a space for contemplation on nature through the process of hand-making.

Site in local context

Building program: three zones for craftsmen, students and visitors, from left to right

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